You’re On A New Lake…What lure do you choose?

How To Choose Your Lure………..It’s Not Just Luck

Have you ever went fishing and fished for hours or the whole day without even a hit? So, what is the next step, why of course, it to start going through your tackle boxes and start throwing everything you can find.

That is the big mistake, odds are you will get the same result as you’ve had the rest of the day..Nothing!

So What Do You Use?

Well, you could try a larger size bait.
Instead of using the 4-6 inch worm you have been using, try a 8-10 inch worm. Why? Because it falls slower and stubborn bass prefer a slower falling bait.

Of course, you must take into consideration a few other things as well; the water temperature, the natural prey in the lake such as baitfish and craws, the time of year and the structure. In clear water try a light colored lure, in early spring try smaller lures and as summer gets closer then try a larger lure.

When shady or windy try spinnerbaits or crankbaits. If the sun is shining then the bass will be close to cover so try a worm or jig. If the water you’re fishing is muddy try a bigger lure and fish more shallow water. If the fish aren’t biting in shallow water then fish a little deeper where the fish aren’t effected by the weather as much.

Try these lures to start with: a crankbait, a spinnerbait and a plastic worm.


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